Triple T – 7/21

Greetings all and welcome to the Tempe Coalition’s Tempe Tuesday Talks or as I like to call it “Triple T”. It has been four months now since we all came home and hunkered down in this quarantine life. Oh my. Can you believe it?

Well, for me personally I am focused on baby’s impending arrival into the world. He is at 26 weeks now. Can’t wait. I have been a shopping fool and having so much fun getting tiny jeans, taco moccasins and this week’s favorite – a giant elephant pillow. Thank you, Paula and Veronica, for finding that one for me. I forgot how much fun baby stuff is!

The ugly truth this week was I dusted off the scale, pulled it out from it’s hiding place and learned the dreaded number there. Plus 9. Yep…9 pounds gained over these past four months. Technically, I had lost 5 lbs just before the zombie apocalypse — gained that back plus an extra 4. I was on Weight Watchers just prior to all this mess and that went out the window right away. Ok, so I am back getting on track. Steer clear of me. Diets make me cranky!

Ok off that subject!

The Coalition is busy as always. Our executive committee just revised (and revised and revised) our bylaws and got them finalized and voted in this past week. That’s exciting for our future and foundation. We will be looking at some new leadership over the next couple months, possibly, and ushering in our new fiscal year by 10/1. There are a few grant opportunities out there right now, so the horizon looks bright.

And we are still planning and working on the Celebrating Champions For Youth event which will be virtual and on November 18th. Stay tuned for details about that in upcoming blogs.

I genuinely hope you are all doing well physically and mentally right now. While we are focused on the virus and not getting it, this is also a really trying time for us emotionally. Take care of yourself. We are grieving our former lives and dealing with a lot of stress right now. Take moments to breathe, relax, have a bit of fun, remember the importance of gratitude, and realize that this too shall pass.

Have a great week all!