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7th Annual
Celebrating Champions for Youth

DEA National
Rx Take Back Day

Saturday, October 28, 2023
10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Hardy Substation (google map)
S/E corner Hardy & Carver, between Elliot & Warner

Introduction to our Initiatives

21 or Too Young

21 Or Too Young is the promise that you can achieve your wildest dreams without the crutch of alcohol before the legal age limit. It is the pledge to yourself that you are above binge drinking and potential alcoholism.

Support Your Kids' Interests

Support Your Kids’ Interests is a community-based campaign that target marijuana use among youth ages 11 to 15. The initiative asks that children and adults pledge to help prevent marijuana use among the youth.

Social Host Ordinace

Tempe is the first city in the East Valley to pass the Social Host Ordinance. Under the ordinance, anyone providing alcohol to a person younger than 21 can be held responsible.

Opioid Resources

Thanks to funding from the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family, the Coalition is able to provide resources, awareness and education on prescription drug misuse.

Tempe Coalition Partners

I Am the Voice of Today

Being the voice of today means that what we do in the present effects what happens tomorrow. Many people stress about what the future brings and how to fix it. They forget that they can create a ripple today, that will continue to spill over into the future. Which is why it is important to realize that the younger generation is the voice of today. Because, why wait until tomorrow to make an impact when you can make one today? Our voice matters now, and we are going to use it!

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Who We Are

Tempe Coalition is comprised of residents and professionals who live and work in the community to collectively educate and advocate for the reduction of risk behaviors among Tempe youth.

The Coalition members represent a wide range of community sectors including: business, media, law enforcement, schools, substance use providers, youth, parents, youth serving organizations, civic groups, healthcare professionals, governmental agencies and faith-based organizations.

Our Vision

All Tempe youth are living at their full potential.

Our Mission

Reduce youth risk behaviors and promote health and wellness through awareness, education, advocacy and connecting to community resources.

If you live or work in Tempe and care about our youth, come join us! 

The Coalition meets the second Tuesday of each month, 3:30-5:00 pm.  For more info:  [email protected]