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All Tempe youth are living at their full potential.

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Reduce youth risk behaviors and promote health and wellness through awareness, education, advocacy and connecting to community resources.

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Introduction to our Initiatives

21 or Too Young
Support Your Kids’ Interests
Social Host Ordinance
21 or Too Young

21 Or Too Young is the promise that you can achieve your wildest dreams without the crutch of alcohol before the legal age limit. It is the pledge to yourself that you are above binge drinking and potential alcoholism.

Support Your Kids’ Interests

Support Your Kids’ Interests is a community-based campaign that target marijuana use among youth ages 11 to 15. The initiative asks that children and adults pledge to help prevent marijuana use among the youth.

Social Host Ordinance

Tempe is the first city in the East Valley to pass the Social Host Ordinance. Under the ordinance, anyone providing alcohol to a person younger than 21 can be held responsible.

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Pledge to reduce underage drinking & youth marijuana use.

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