Tempe’s Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking and Drug Use links diverse community organizations and individuals to provide a more focused approach to substance abuse education and prevention for youth, families and community. This includes parents of our community’s children who want to be an active part in building their child’s drug free future.

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Coalition Resources

It's important to stay informed in our ever changing world and community. Here are relevant resources to inform our community about wellness. 

5 Ways to Help Children with Coronavirus Anxiety

Parenting Toolbox During the COVID - 19 Era 

Vitanya Podcast

Common Sense Podcast: Parent Trapped



Resources to Build on Your Kids’ Interests

As a parent to a teenager in this community, it is important to have the information at your fingertips to best support your kids current interests. Here are useful tools you can refer to better educate yourself:

Tempe Classes & Leagues
Boys to Men AZ
Boy Scouts (Grand Canyon Council)
Girl Scouts AZ
12 Tips for Positive Parenting

Multiethnic group of friends looking down at phone and tablet, concepts about technology addiction and youth
Portrait Of Teenage Girl Hanging Out With Friends In Playground

Understanding the Effects of Drugs on the Teen Brain

A big part of drug prevention is understanding how it effects your teenagers. Learning the specific signs and harmful effects can make all the difference.

Helpful tools:
Marijuana Fact Sheet (PBS)
Why the Teen Brain is Drawn to Risk (TIME)
Teens' Penchant for Risk May Help Them Learn Faster (NPR)
The Unlimited Mind - Risk & the Teenage Brain

Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment

Helpful resources for prevention & treatment:

The Pathway Program
Full Circle Program
Substance Abuse AZ
Dr. Thurstone
Drug & Alcohol Dependence

Mother With Teenage Daughter Sitting On Sofa At Home Chatting