Coalition Information

Coalition Information

Who We Are

The Tempe Coalition is comprised of local residents and professionals who live and work in the community and strive to collectively improve the City of Tempe by advocating for the reduction of alcohol and drug use among Tempe youth.

The Coalition is made up members who represent a wide range of community sectors including: business, media, law enforcement, schools, substance use providers, youth, parents, youth serving organizations, civic groups, healthcare professionals, governmental agencies and faith based organizations.

If you live or work in Tempe and care about our youth, come join us!

We Invite You To Join Us!

Tempe Coalition Meeting:
Tuesday March 12th 2019 | 3:30pm – 5 pm | Location: Tempe Library
Contact if you would like to join us.

Preventing and Reducing Opioid Abuse

Opioid addiction is a national problem. Tempe is committed to reducing opioid addiction in our community through compassionate programs, scientific research, GIS data and more.

EVENT: Opioid Town Hall

If someone you love is battling addiction, this event will be a safe space to get resources. Meet people from treatment centers, support groups, healthcare facilities and more at tables set up inside the museum and learn what you can do. 

Event: 10 a.m. to noon
Expert Panel: 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.
Saturday, Feb. 2
Tempe History Museum
809 E. Southern Ave., Tempe

Expert Panel Participants

Moderator: Tempe City Councilmember and Phoenix Firefighter Joel Navarro
Bringing together science, compassion and regional resources to reduce addiction

Arizona State University scientist Rolf Halden
How measuring opioid traces in wastewater can help prevention efforts

Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Asst. Chief Andrea Glass
How overdose affects people, families, the community and the next steps in recovery

Tempe Coalition,  Pathway Program Director Josh Azevedo
How support services and treatment help prevent and reduce addiction

Local Resources

Downtown Phoenix- Student Life on Life’s Terms:
Recovery Group Discussion meetings will be available Wed at 6pm in the Post Office Patagonia room L1-20 (Sept 6-Dec 13)

Tempe – Y12SR:
Yoga for Recovery meetings will be held every Tues at 6pm in the SDFC Well Devil Suite (Aug 18 – Dec 5).

Tempe – Alcoholics Anonymous:
(AA) meetings will be available every Mon at 4:30pm in the Memorial Union Rincon room (Sept 21-Dec 4)

West – Student Life on Life’s Terms:
Recovery Group Discussion meetings will be available Thurs at 6pm at West in UCB 264 (Sept 7-Dec 14)

 Tempe Coalition Contact

Hilary Cummings
Program Director

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Tempe Coalition Contact:

Hilary Cummings
Program Director

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Tempe Community Council

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A Drug Free Communities Support Program grant.

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