Tempe Tuesday Talks – 6/9

Good morning to you all! Well, first I must remind you all that today is Tempe Coalition meeting day for the month of June. We will meet via zoom again. I am hopeful that we can have an in-person option for July, so stay tuned for that information. Meanwhile, if you plan to attend and do not have the zoom link, email me today at hilary_cummings@tempe.gov for the link. 3:30 – 5:00 pm today. Full agenda!

So how are you doing? Just when we thought things couldn’t get any more difficult and uncomfortable for us all, we now have all of this going on in the news, on our streets and in our neighborhoods and cities. Racism, protests, social injustice, military intervention. No it’s not the 60s. Its today. It’s so painful to see and experience, whatever your skin color or perspective. These are difficult times. But being the optimist that I try to be, I also see opportunity for growth, opportunity for clarity of vision, and opportunity to make a difference in our communities. I will leave this conversation there. There is so much already out there to read and hear. The discussions in my house are ongoing and intense. I now see the world through the eyes of my unborn grandson and I want and intend for a better and kinder world for him!

In Tempe, city employees are getting ready to go back to their offices and fill up the streets once again. It’s kind of sad and lonely out there on Mill Avenue right now. As for me, I plan to stay here in my home office as much as I can to enjoy the birds out my window (instead of construction workers) and the dogs by my side. I plan to continue my zoom and virtual meetings, with a few lunches and coffee meetings thrown in. I actually got to hug a few people this past week (outside of my family) and what a treat that was. I try to social distance as much as possible, but I couldn’t resist a hug or two!

We are about to welcome a new mayor, Corey Woods, here in Tempe. And the Coalition has a new City Council representative, Councilman Joel Navarro. Welcome, Joel! It’s Pride Month in Tempe and the rainbow flags are all up and down Mill Avenue. Beautiful!

Well, it’s a busy day with our Coalition meeting coming up in a few hours. Got to walk the puppy and get to work. Have a wonderful Tuesday and week. It’s not too hot out there yet…so get outside and enjoy!