Tuesday in Tempe 5/12

Well good morning, Tempe! I am going to keep this relatively short today. It’s Coalition day. Today at 3:30 pm, the full coalition meets for our monthly general meeting. If you are interested in joining us, email me at [email protected] to join the party!

Well, did you go out yesterday to a store, restaurant, hair salon? Were you tempted? I know I was, but I asked myself “WWFD?” Yes, What would Fauci do? So hearing his gravely Brooklyn accent, I told myself “Stay home!” Sigh! I miss being out in the world, don’t you? But hearing Dr. F and thinking of Baby Brown, I chose to continue this homebound existence….for now.

On the Tempe Coalition front, we now have two AmeriCorps members: Keshawn and Lauren working for us into August. Great stuff!

We are scheduling a Gender Issues workshop for SRP presented by One In Ten in June. We are planning our RX 360 workshop for the City of Tempe Employees hopefully in the next few weeks. Tomorrow Josh Azevedo will present How To Talk To Your Teens In These Tough Times. Go to the Coalition home page to learn more. On Thursday the 14th we begin our 4 part cultural competency series, Value Difference & Unite For Tempe, brought to us by Dr. Jeff McGee and Cross Cultural Dynamics. Go to the Coalition event page to register.

Over 30 automated prescription dispensers will be delivered to Fire Medical Rescue this week through our State Opioid Response grant. Our friends at Tempe PD, Fire Medical Rescue, CARE 7 and notMYkid are all working to prevent prescription misuse through this funding.

Finally, all the committees: Events & Marketing, Education & Outreach, Sustainability, Youth and Opioid are hard at work for the Tempe Community. Consider joining a committee!

And….save the date: November 18, 5:30 – 7:30 pm. The 4th annual Celebrating Champions For Youth.

Have a great week all! Take good care of yourself out there!