Triple T – Whoa it’s W!

Lost track of time yesterday. Just now realized I totally overlooked Tuesday and this blog! Ooops. I know you were sitting at your pc with baited breath awaiting this blog. (What is baited breath anyway?) Well, here I am. I just got busy yesterday, all for good reason, and forgot this blog.

So today I want to talk train derailment, opioid overdose and harm reduction, back to school (at home) and my home office.

Last week, as many of you know, a train derailed on the bridge across Tempe Town Lake, causing a bridge collapse, fire and followed by demolition of part of the bridge. Every day I would cross under that bridge walking Gabriel (you all know my 2 year old Golden by now). Every day! And usually right about the time the fire and collapse happened. However, that morning I procrastinated, had an extra cup of coffee and wrote a couple of emails. Yep. I now say procrastination can be a good thing. I heard the collapse about half way down my street on my way to the lake, saw the black smoke and flames and joined my neighborhood in mourning the loss of the bridge and the train cars. Wow! It’s a miracle no one was hurt as there are plenty of skateboarders, bike riders, dog walkers, people fishing, sleeping homeless and exercise enthusiasts right there at that time of day. Miracle! F’real!

Yesterday, our dear friends at Community Bridges Inc. provided a Reversing Overdose workshop (thus my blogless Tuesday). An excellent 2 hour training and we will give out doses of Narcan to the participants. Stay tuned; we will likely do another one in September. Harm reduction was a focus of this training – which talks about ways to divert the overdose by removing some of the negative consequences. It’s a set of strategies to use safer or managed use instead of just abstinence to meet drug users ‘where they’re at’. Novel but effective.

Well, Monday Aug 3 was “Back To School” day without all the normal fanfare. Yellow buses all over the road! Sleepy children standing on corners waiting for said yellow buses. Parents herding said children out of the house with backpacks and lunch boxes and signed forms. No crossing guards. No principals at the school entrance waving and smiling. All was quiet, as students started up their laptops and proceeded to attend school online.

We, the Coalition, are assembling family bag today to give out to parents through our two school districts (TUHSD, TD3) to give families some fun things to do. From frisbees to mini football flyers. Conversation starter cards. And a variety of other tchotchkes (look that up). 250 first come, first serve. There will be photos on the site in a few days. So stay tuned for those.

Finally, I just want to briefly talk about my home office and desk. It has become my constant for the past 4 1/2 months. Slowly, over time, I have made it functional for me to do my work and live in this new environment. There are bird feeders out the window for me to watch the birds in my tree enjoying bird seed and hummingbird nectar. My large Ikea desk is covered with pictures of my children, some old friends, and various memorabilia. I have a new picture frame awaiting the baby who will arrive in 3 months. WHEEE! I have quite a few coalition things (pens, journals, above mentioned tchotchkes) on my desk. I also have a few elephants (my love), a Beatles lunchbox my brother sent me, a vanilla candle and some fresh flowers. All things to keep me on track, feeling happy and comforted while reminding me why I do what I do. What does your work environment look like?

Well, today I am off to prepare for these family bags we are assembling, plus your mighty executive committee is meeting to strategize the work of the coalition. We march on!

Have a great rest of the week! Stay safe and healthy. And maybe if you procrastinate a bit today, it’s ok. Have another cup of coffee.