Tempe Tuesday Talks on Wednesday – 7/1

Hi friends! Well so very sorry….I am a day late and a dollar short, as they say. Whatever that means. So busy right now that bathroom breaks are a rare treat, along with eating lunch at my desk between meetings. Sigh!

Ok, so confession time! I have been guilty of going out too much. To the grocery store, but mostly out to lunch with my husband. All the local places we normally like, and way more often than we did pre-pandemic. It was our only thing! Going to lunch, venting about our day and chatting with waiters and waitresses. That has been my entire social life since restaurants opened back up. But, this week, my son and father to be, kindly texted and asked me to stop going out to restaurants. I had a coffee date planned this week, along with a lunch with a friend….and I canceled saying “can we meet virtually instead”. I realized that going out was: not necessary, costing me a lot of money, and quality time with my husband could be had here at my own dining room table. I do love to cook, so my food is way better anyway. And I have money to by more baby stuff and dog treats. I mean, come on, have you ever seen taco moccasins for a baby? Little tacos and avocados on teeny tiny shoes? I mean seriously. It doesn’t get any better than that.

So I guess I should mention some stuff about the Coalition. We are planning a Star Studded Event for youth on Labor Day weekend. It will be virtual from noon to 4 pm on 9/5 More on that as we get a bit closer. Fun, music, contests and lots of good info and resources for youth. We are also still planning our virtual hybrid drive in Celebrating Champions For Youth for 11/18. Stay tuned on that….but mark your calendars now for 5:30 – 7:30 pm. Each Monday, we are highlighted on The Pulse 88.7 FM radio with interviews from Coalition members. As they become available we are putting them on the home page of the website. And my favorite piece of news: we got our I AM THE VOICE OF TODAY tshirts. Keshawn and Lauren and I went down to Tempe Town Lake for some photos. Check them out on here (go to the Youth page) and on our Facebook page. K & L are busy putting together our “Family Bags”: bags full of goodies for families to have fun together. Our plan is to give out 250 bags to families at the beginning of the school year. Pretty excited about that!

Here is a sad reality for you! Downtown Tempe, zip code 85281, had a huge spike in overdoses just recently. Our Opioid Committee is working very hard to serve our vulnerable populations: seniors, veterans, youth and the overall community. We will be providing an RX 360 workshop on 7/29. Flyer will be out about that in the next few days. We will be providing naloxone trainings and giving out naloxone to participants. We will continue our trainings to school personnel, law enforcement, prescribers and pharmacists. If you are interested in working with this committee, please email me [email protected] or our committee chair, [email protected].

Ok, well our Executive Committee is about to meet to keep this Coalition up and running. It’s July! Have a great 4th weekend. Stay healthy, stay safe, stay home and wear a mask!