Tempe Tuesday Talks….but it’s Wednesday!

Greetings friends! Ooops. What day is it anyway? Saw this FB post recently that mocked how we don’t know what day it is anymore. This day, that day, the other day, the day after that day. We don’t even recognize the weekend anymore. Thank God it’s whatever day this is! Hump Day? Who cares.

Well, the Coalition is super busy and that’s a good thing and certainly something to be grateful for. Our State Opioid Response grant has us hopping! The Opioid Short Term Action Team, made up city and community partners, along with concerned citizens is working to do opioid abuse prevention in several target areas – seniors, veterans, youth and prescribers and pharmacists. Go to our Opioid Resources page on the website to learn more.

On April 30th, we will be partnering with our good friends at notMYkid to present The Truth About Vaping. 11 am to noon. Go to the Events page to learn more and register. Even if you can’t attend at that time, register to receive the recording and listen when you can.

In May our pal, Dr. Jeff McGee of Cross Cultural Dynamics will be providing a four part series on cultural competency. More to come on that in the next few days. Go to our Events page to stay on top of upcoming workshops.

See our latest blog from Dr. Stacey Smith on Neuroscience. Fascinating stuff! In recent years, we have learned that the brain is more malleable than previously thought. Once you start to learn more about this, you will become addicted to the subject. I know I have!

Remember to mark your calendar now for November 18th for the 4th Annual Celebrating Champions For Youth. Only 5 1/2 months away. Consider joining one of our very active and involved committees: Events & Marketing; Education & Outreach; Sustainability; Youth or the Opioid STAT.

Today, Gabriel and I walked all the way down and on the other side of the Tempe Town Lake. We crossed over the Mill Avenue Bridge and headed back to Mitchell Park and home. 10,000 steps….check! It’s getting warm out there friends. Stay cool. Stay positive. And most of all, stay healthy. Enjoy a takeout lunch. Our recent choices: Oregano’s, Four Peaks, Fate Brewing, Pita Jungle and my personal hometown fave The Original Hoagie Shop. You can take the girl outta Philly….but you can’t take the Philly outta the girl. Yo!

Rock the day, my peeps!