Tempe Tuesday Talks 6/23

Good morning to you all out there! Every week there is something new in our world. This week it’s wearing our masks out in public. I have a lovely mask with peacock feather design on it. But I hate it. I feel claustrophobic in it. It’s hard to breathe and its creepy just seeing people’s eyes. Sigh. Yes, I understand it dramatically reduces contagion but nonetheless, I don’t like it.

So this past week, I ran away from home for a few days. I packed up Gabriel and we went and stayed in Sedona for three days. No one told me it wasn’t really cooler in Sedona and that the entire world was there. Yikes. However, we had some nice walks, time in nature, a bit of shopping and some down time. AKA binge watching on Netflix. I highly recommend Defending Jacob if you haven’t seen it. I’d be curious to hear your take on the ending.

Well, the Coalition is busy as always. Every Monday morning, we are featured on 88.7 The Pulse radio with interviews. Currently we have had some great interviews with Paula, Keshawn, Lauren, Keri and me. As well, we have some great PSAs on there each day. Check it out.

All of our committees (Sustainability, Education & Outreach, Events & Marketing, Youth and Opioid) are meeting regularly. If interested in joining a committee, please email me. [email protected]

Celebrating Champions for Youth is still on for November 18 and we are looking at a pop up event, similar to a drive in movie. But more on that as we get a bit closer.

Here’s today’s thought for you all. Happiness is a choice. Really chew on that for a bit. It’s not about the happiness, it’s about the choice. I try to set each day with an intention. I am going to enjoy the day. It doesn’t always work. In fact, in recent weeks, that’s been really tough. I am tired of this virus, being cooped up, masks, zoom calls, political ads on tv, racism….and on an on. But I also really try to choose a bit of happiness in the midst of it all. Walks with Gabriel, taking random photos of Tempe sights, cooking dinner, playing cards with my husband, talking with friends and family and always shopping for baby stuff. Choosing happiness right now isn’t always easy. But I try to find it when and where I can. There’s nothing quite like a pair of infant jeans with a matching denim shirt to bring joy to the day. So freakin’ cute! What makes you happy? Where do you choose happiness?

Have a wonderful week. Stay safe and healthy. See ya next Tuesday!