Tempe Tuesday Talks 4/21

Good morning, Tempe Arizona! Here we all are. Tuesday. How have you all been doing? I get to talk to many of you by phone, zoom, text, drive by sightings. I even got to have an in person meeting with a former colleague this past week. She is my neighbor and we sat at her backyard table (a good 6 ft apart) and had a nice chat and work meeting. She taught me how to make an origami heart which now adorns the wall of my front patio home office.

Yesterday I had a Facebook Live Zoom call with my counterpart in Chandler, Ted Huntington. If you don’t know him, run don’t walk to the CCYSA Facebook page and get to know him and his wonderful work. Ted and I talked about the importance of HOPE. Be Hope To Cope! Hope works both ways. We give it and receive it by being it. Get it?

The Tempe Coalition is thriving right now! Unbelievable. Who knew? Please visit our Events page, along with our Community pages. We and our many amazing partners are really active online right now. Today notMYkid will provide their weekly TeenTalks at 4 pm. Our own Keshawn Thompson is front and center! Tomorrow 4/22 will be RX Safe Disposal day, an all day event being put on in partnership with notMYkid. Even if you cannot attend live, please register and you will receive the recordings later. We need your support! On 4/30, we will provide The Truth About Vaping from 11 am to noon on zoom. Check out on Events page to register.

Our committees are rockin and rollin big time! A lot going on. Save the Date – 11/18 for the 4th (yes 4th!) annual Celebrating Champions For Youth.

Well, our mascot Gabriel Franklin Roosevelt Bamboo Cummings awaits our walk down to the lake. It’s another beautiful morning…the triple digits are coming!

Please send us your partner logo if you haven’t yet. Send me your upcoming events. Please let me know how you are doing! I truly miss you all! Our next full coalition meeting will be May 12, 3:30 pm. All of our committees: Education & Outreach, Events & Marketing, Sustainability, Youth and Opioid Prevention need members. Email me at [email protected].

Have a wonderful week! Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay upbeat.